Cathy Bannister

Collaborative Lawyer
Pearl Baker

01268 745568

Emma Bradford

EB & Co Mediation

0800 804 4648

I facilitate the processes couples need to go through as part of their separation/divorce. I can help them navigate disputes, if they arise, along the way.

Emma Brunning

Collaborative Lawyer

01245 211330

I deal with financial cases (often
involving family run companies and complex assets) and children cases. I believe it is important for couples
work together to separate with dignity.

Deborah Butterworth

Mediated Dispute Solutions

020 8505 4175

Austin Chessell

Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator

07920 445832

I work with separating couples as an Accredited Family Mediator or as a Collaborative Family Solicitor. Clients also include grandparents, LGBTQ+ families and clients who may require a translator.

Francesca Cozens

Collaborative Lawyer
Birkett Long LLP

01245 453843

John Darnton

Collaborative Lawyer
BDB Pitmans

020 7783 3588

I am a firm believer in principled
negotiations to reach practical,
workable solutions.  The team approach required by collaborative working
provides support and security for our

Karen Dovaston

Dovaston Law

01702 987996

I use plain English and practical
solutions to help separating families
and couples move on in their lives. I arbitrate in a pragmatic and inclusive

Carolyn Hanes

New Landscape Mediation

01279 211657

Belinda Jones

Mediator & Parenting
Cambridge Family

07747 150554

Mark MacLean

Financial Planner

01277 350560

I assist clients to better understand the financial implications of divorce. We take out the guess work of how ‘tomorrow’ will look to provide reassurance for the future.

Louise Margiotta

Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator
Thompson Smith & Puxon

01206 574431

David O'Brien

Mediator & Barrister
Trinity Chambers

01245 605040

Vicky Robertson

Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator
Kelly Family Law

01277 584772

Jennifer Taylor

Collaborative Lawyer
JT Family Law

07743 524453

Friendly sympathetic advice to
sensitive complex issues.  All areas of
private family law covered.

Karen Taylor

Collaborative Lawyer
Essex Family Law

07704 982770 and 01245 202582

I work with couples and individuals to achieve pragmatic solutions when they separate.  I deal with finance and children cases and like to work as part of a team.

Sally Ward

Collaborative Lawyer
Mullis & Peake

01708 784000

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